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    1. 自然語言處理與信息檢索共享平臺 自然語言處理與信息檢索共享平臺

      Intro. to NLPIR Big Data Lab.

      Lab. of NLPIR Big Data Search and Mining in Beijing Institute of Technology([email protected])([email protected]) aims to be the world-class innovation research and technology team in big data intelligence, especially with Chinese language.

      Big Data IntelligenceExtracts knowledge and insights from all micro pieces of complex dataset, which is instantly changing, various and different, with the tools of natural language processing, information retrieval and deep learning.

      The research interests are including big data search, mining, social network analysis, knowledge graph and natural language processing (NLP). [email protected] has been granted over 20 research projects by National Science Foundation of China, Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863 program), Key Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 program). [email protected] has built a wide cooperation with international universities such as University of Pennsylvania, The Technical University of Madrid and Dublin City University. The technology in [email protected] has been applied in thousands of international companies including Expert System in Italy, NewsCorp, Huawei and the People’s Daily . The director of [email protected] is Dr. Huaping Zhang (or Kevin Zhang). Dr. Zhang is the founder of NLPIR-ICTCLAS, which is the most popular Chinese word segmentation system.

      NLPIR大數據搜索與挖掘實驗室( Big Data Search and Mining Lab.BDSM@BIT)隸屬于北京理工大學海量語言信息處理與云計算工程研究中心(北京市級重點工程中心),定位為:在微博為代表的新型互聯網的大背景下,面向海量異構互聯網信息,研究網絡大數據搜索、自然語言處理、社會計算與信息安全等關鍵技術,以自然語言理解為主要手段進行網絡情報挖掘,并進行新應用協議的安全隱患分析。實驗室負責人為張華平博士,目前承擔了國家自然科學基金、973計劃、863計劃、242、兩高一部等國家課題10余項,新疆自治區高新技術計劃、河北省科技支撐計劃等省部級課題3項,作為ICTCLAS的創始人,實驗室主任張華平博士獲得了2010年錢偉長中文信息處理科學技術獎一等獎,2016年新疆自治區科技進步二等獎。


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